Current Issues in Sustainable Development



クラス名 GE-19F2 期間 2019/9/28- 2019/12/14
曜日 時間 10:00- 12:30
回数 8 定員 16
受講料(学生) 54,000円(54,000円) 受講前レベルチェック インタビュー
カテゴリ1 Global Education and Sustainable Development Program 単位 -



※ 最少催行人数に達さない場合、講座を開講しないことがございます。

【英語レベル】 High-Intermediate and above
【内容】This course is for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable development and the connection between current issues. In this workshop we investigate a core issues facing global society and how these are connected. This course uses interactive methods to help participants learn more about problems, peoples' needs and possible solutions. This course is for anyone wanting to work in INGOs, preparing to study overseas or wanting to learn more about what is going on in the world. This course also serves as a bridge for those who have completed the introductory courses.


日程/時間 曜日 内容・詳細 講師
1 2019/9/28
10:00- 12:30
Introductions, Overview of the course Intro to current issues.
Connecting issues, assessing interests and goals
Rossitto, Sarajean
2 2019/10/5
10:00- 12:30
Sustainable Agriculture and Hunger
How hunger are food security are defined how. Sustainable agriculture and hunger.
Rossitto, Sarajean
3 2019/10/12
10:00- 12:30
Rights and Gender issues
Priority issues, types of rights. How gender is connected to other issues
Rossitto, Sarajean
4 2019/10/19
10:00- 12:30
Disaster Management and risk reduction
The roles of differers actors
Rossitto, Sarajean
5 2019/11/9
10:00- 12:30
Conflict, refugees and crisis situations
Causes of instability and conflict, resolution and peace building
Rossitto, Sarajean
6 2019/11/16
10:00- 12:30
Social business, CSR and the SDGs
the role of the private sector in achieving the SDGs.
Rossitto, Sarajean
7 2019/12/7
10:00- 12:30
Governance, accountability and corruption
Understanding complex relationships, good practices and transparency
Rossitto, Sarajean
8 2019/12/14
10:00- 12:30
Final presentations, Discussion and wrap-up
Synthesis of skills knowledge and skills
Rossitto, Sarajean


Rossitto, Sarajean